Monty had been eagerly anticipating his upcoming trip, and a cloud of confusion started to cast a shadow over his excitement. You see, Monty was scheduled to depart from the South Terminal in the morning, and he had heard rumours days before that he could check in his luggage the night prior. It sounded like a convenient option to make his travel smoother.

With a bit of uncertainty in the air, Monty found out from his friends that called TUI, they provided them with the flight number and terminal details. Their response was promising: “Yes” said TUI, “you can check in your luggage the night before from the South Terminal.” Great news, he thought.

However, as Monty arrived at the South Terminal with his friends, things took an unexpected turn. There was no TUI representative in sight to guide them through the process, and there were no helpful signs or information to direct them on where to drop off his luggage. It was as if they had been left in the dark.

Feeling a little lost and frustrated, Monty’s friends decided to give TUI another call, hoping for some clarity. But to their dismay, the information they received this time contradicted what he had heard earlier. According to the person on the line, checking in luggage the night before wasn’t possible from the South Terminal.

A bit bewildered and perplexed by these conflicting messages, Monty decided to consult the TUI messenger for one last attempt at understanding. The messenger’s response? Yes, it was indeed possible, but there was a catch. They could only do it through the North Terminal, and this information came to light through a response from TUI only after the luggage drop-off had closed for the night.

So back to the hotel rooms with their luggage, they all went.

By Monty

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