After a satisfying lunch, some of Monty’s friends couldn’t wait any longer and decided it was time to finally take a dip in the eagerly anticipated pool they had been dreaming of since booking their holiday earlier in the year. With the sun beating down, the water promised to be a welcome respite. However, Monty, ever the cautious one, knew he should let his stomach settle before joining in on the aquatic fun. So, he opted for a comfortable sunbed in the shade while his friends gleefully took the plunge.

Monty listened to his friends’ enthusiastic reviews of the pool, describing it as akin to stepping into a warm bath. What made it even better was that it was a saltwater pool, so there was no annoying taste of chlorine to contend with.

“Give me 30 minutes,” Monty declared, as he lounged comfortably. Soon enough, his stomach had settled, and he was ready to change into his swim attire and experience the joys of the sun-warmed pool for himself.

The pool proved to be nothing short of amazing, with varying depths ranging from 45 cm to 1.7 meters. Luckily, Monty was a proficient swimmer, so he felt right at home.

His friends had found some brightly coloured pool noodles, the flotation devices that resembled pipe insulation but served their purpose well.

Beside the pool, there was not just a poolside bar but also a poolside snack hut. It was a bit different from Monty’s previous holiday in Tenerife, where snacks were often available for self-service. Here, you had to place an order, which, Monty thought, would probably prevent him from mindlessly grazing throughout the day and potentially messing with his diet. Nevertheless, he noted, “At least it’s all-inclusive,” ensuring that carrying change wouldn’t be a concern during this relaxing holiday.

By Monty

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