Monty couldn’t help but be intrigued by the island’s name. “Is it Mallorca or Majorca?” he asked.

His friend chimed in with an explanation, “It’s actually both! ‘Mallorca’ is the Spanish spelling of the island, while ‘Majorca’ is quite a popular spelling in English, as well as in more languages and countries.”

Monty couldn’t help but be amused by his friend’s newfound knowledge. “You’d do well in the poolside quizzes with that information,” he remarked, followed by a hearty chuckle.

He then playfully envisioned a scenario, saying, “Imagine if you hadn’t booked a package holiday and had arranged everything separately, only to find out that they were two different places. Your hotel is on one island, and you booked a flight to another. That would be so embarrassing!” They both laughed at the thought of such a mix-up, grateful that they had everything properly arranged for this holiday.

By Monty

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