As the evening began to settle in, Monty couldn’t help but think about dinner. However, before they could indulge in their evening meal, the late afternoon entertainment had already commenced – a game of poolside Bingo.

Bingo in itself wasn’t a surprise, but what caught Monty’s attention was the Bingo Caller. This charismatic character reminded him of The Count from Sesame Street, with his distinctive style of announcing the numbers. Every time “1 little duck” or “2 little ducks” echoed through the speakers for the numbers 2 and 22, one of Monty’s friends couldn’t resist playfully chiming in with “ah ah ah,” from the pool, just like The Count.

Monty learned that Bingo was free to play, and the prize at stake was the cocktail of the day. He contemplated giving it a try on one of the upcoming nights but decided not to commit just yet; after all, it was only day one of their holiday.

Taking a look at the entertainment board, Monty and his friends could see that they were in for a delightful experience if they chose to partake. The activities ranged from French Boules and Water Darts to Bean Bags (which piqued their curiosity), Water Volleyball (sounding like great fun), Aquagym (for the health-conscious among them), Coffee Bingo (a game they’d already experienced), a Music Quiz, a Trivia Quiz, Ping Pong, Cooking Paella (hopefully by professionals to meet food standards), Ladder Tossing (which sounded a bit risky), and much more.

The lineup of evening entertainment included tributes to music legends like Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, the Soul Hunters (not the supernatural kind, mind you), Jersey’s Best, Motown, and Just Diva. Monty couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of some of his friends possibly fitting the “diva” description and wondered if they’d make a surprise stage appearance. It seemed they were all in for an exciting and entertaining time during their stay.

By Monty

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