It didn’t take long for Monty and his friends to reach their destination, the Picafort Hotel, which they would call home for the next 14 days. Their arrival was met with the delightful sight of an English-speaking receptionist, which brought a sigh of relief from the group. While Monty had been diligently practising his Spanish, it seemed like he might not need it as much as he thought.

The reception area was spacious, impeccably clean, and wonderfully bright, with the added comfort of air conditioning. This was a welcoming sign for Monty, who had a preference for staying comfortably cool in warmer climates.

Check-in was a breeze, and to their pleasant surprise, there was a kind gentleman ready to assist with their luggage. He would be responsible for delivering their bags to their respective rooms. Monty and his friends held their collective breath, hoping that they would all be situated close to each other. Fortunately, their wish was granted, as they were assigned rooms on one side of the third floor in block E, boasting magnificent views of the sea.

While their luggage was taken care of, Monty and his friends wasted no time and made a beeline for the poolside bar. Monty couldn’t help but suggest, “It’s time for a holiday drink, don’t you think?” With that, they clinked glasses and raised a toast to the beginning of their well-deserved holiday.

By Monty

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