At 05:08, the clock ticked on, and it was time for Monty and his friends to make their way to the gate. The anticipation was building, as they knew that boarding for their flight was just around the corner.

Arriving at the gate at 05:14, they were met with an initially tranquil terminal. It seemed as though they might have been the only ones departing at that early hour. However, their perception quickly shifted, and the gate area began to fill with fellow passengers. It appeared they had secured prime spots in the Airport Lounges, which allowed them to be among the first to embark on this journey.

At 05:21, the moment they had been waiting for arrived. Boarding was announced, and Monty and his friends eagerly made their way down the gangway after showing their boarding passes to the gate attendants. They were bound for Row 12, where they had secured coveted exit seats, promising extra legroom and comfort for their flight.

As everyone settled into their seats and stowed their hand luggage, the cabin doors were closed, and the cabin crew began their standard pre-flight preparations. The plane pushed away from the gate, and it started taxiing toward the runway, the engines humming with potential.

During this time, the diligent flight attendants performed the essential emergency demonstration, going through the customary safety procedures – the oxygen masks, seat belts, and pointing out the numerous exits. For Monty and his friends seated in the exit row, they had special responsibilities in the event of an evacuation. They would be responsible for opening the over-wing doors, a role they took seriously.

Monty paid close attention, especially noting that in the event of a sea landing, they were to exit and turn right, not left. The left exit would only be used after exiting in an emergency if it were a ground landing, as that’s where the emergency slide would deploy. Safety was paramount, and Monty and his friends were ready to assist should the need arise, but they hoped for a smooth and uneventful journey ahead.

By Monty

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